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We Book International Speakers!

The landscape of events and conferences have changed more in the last 4 years than in the previous 25.

Currently, live events make up 84% of the market, while virtual make up 15% and the remaining 1% are a hybrid approach.

Virtual engagements in particular, provide a unique opportunity to engage the world’s best speakers for your event.

Every event type provides benefits so it really comes down to some of these key factors:

  1. Goal – what are you trying to achieve?
  2. Attendees – what type of event with resonate best with your audience?
  3. Budget – consider all event related costs such as venue, equipment, catering, travel, etc.
  4. Timeline – what is your turnaround time?
  5. KPIs – how are you going to measure success?

With access to talent all over the globe, Inspire Speakers have been able to provide clients with speakers, experts and celebrities for virtual engagements, that would otherwise be out of reach due to travel costs.

Event Type Benefits
Live  Anticipation, atmosphere, networking
Virtual Fastest turnaround, reach, lower event related expenses
Hybrid         Broadest audience and talent pool, best of both worlds


In recent years, we’ve been lucky to represent speakers such as Simon Sinek, Mel Robbins, Seth Godin, Mark Webber, David Mead, Gary Vaynerchuk, Rich Roll, Elle Macpherson, Jay Shetty, James Clear, Richard Susskind –  just to name a few.

Virtual and hybrid events are here to stay which has given clients the opportunity to host events more cost-effectively, leaving a larger budget for international stars.

No matter the format, all events are a great addition to your business. Events foster creative collaboration providing the opportunity to connect virtually and in-person. If you want to know more about the logistical side of a virtual event, our friends at AV1 are your experts.

Some iconic international celebrities we book, we cannot give a cheeky mention so please send us a message or give us a call if you’d like to know who we have access to!