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Top Speaking Categories 2024: A Deeper Dive

As the world evolves, so do trends and speaking topics become more important than ever. Finding the right speaker plays a critical role in effectively resonating with your audience.

Over the last few years, the speaking industry has evolved dramatically and is more dynamic than ever. Although live events make up 84% of the market, virtual and hybrid events make up the other 16% leaving huge opportunity for variety and securing talent worldwide. Inspire Speakers have access to amazing talent both national and internationally which gives us the opportunity to be different!

Inspirational – 26%

Timeless and in demand, an answer for any challenge you may be facing. When looking to inspire and captivate a crowd, a speaking duo who dominate are Tim & Judy Sharp.

Mother and son, Judy and Tim are breakthrough speakers with an inspirational story like no other. When Tim was born Judy quickly realised he wasn’t responding like other babies his age. Yet doctors would not diagnose Tim with Autism until after his 3rd birthday. Judy was told there was very little hope for Tim or his development. Rejecting the prognosis Judy never gave up on her son and finally discovered she was able to open the door to communication through drawing. A discovery that changed their lives forever, in ways they could only imagine – click here to read more about their incredible story.

Sustainability – 1%

A topic super relevant and powerful and often not talked about enough is Sustainability. This topic can quickly generate high engagement and attention making it such a powerful tool when discussing ways to build a sustainable future in all aspects of business and life. A speaker changing the landscape in this field is David Ritter.

David is the CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific, where he leads a talented and determined team on a mission to secure an earth capable of nurturing life in all of its true beauty. David is at the forefront of stopping big oil companies from drilling in the Great Australian Bight, persuading Australia’s worst climate polluters to early coal closures and is shifting 21 major Australian corporations to adopt 100% renewable energy commitments by 2025. David is a highly regarded keynote speaker who really takes his audience on a journey to discover the powers that threaten our natural world leaving audiences aware, empowered and hopeful. For David’s bio and showreel, click here.

Master of Ceremonies (MC) – 17%

One last speaking category we wanted to highlight which is often overlooked, but critical in pulling a highly engaging event together, is Master of Ceremonies (MC). One renowned legend we have the privilege to work with is Shelly Horton.

Shelly Horton is confidence personified. She’s a journalist, TV presenter, MC and runs her own company where she teaches media and presentation training. Shelly knows how to convey messages but weave them into her own cheeky and honest way. She will give you the confidence, tips and tricks to apply those skills in everyday life which will help kick doubt to the curb so you can speak up, step up and shine. To find out more about the very talented rockstar, click here.

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Watch this space for further insights as we take a closer look in the weeks to come!

Data sourced from Inspire Speakers 2023/2024 events.