Most Requested Speaking Topics in 2022

We’ve always considered it a massive privilege when our clients share with us their most pressing concerns and challenges. They often look to us to help with the solution – in the form of an expert or keynote speaker speaking to their people.

And in 2022 the responsibility to deliver those solutions has never been more important. The challenges companies and organisations face this year are different than previous years, because the world is different.

The pandemic, post-pandemic, return to work, the great resignation, distributed teams, remote work, mental health, physical health, technology and disruption, floods, war, sustainability, the economy, how to be a team, connection with people, storytelling, growing sales and overall morale of people – these have all been topics of concern this year from our clients.

So we thought we’d share those speaking topics that have been most requested so far in 2022:

Data is from speakers booked by Inspire Speakers for client events and conferences from January 1st 2022 to October 5th 2022. 1. Inspiration – 20%; 2. Mental Wellbeing – 19, 3. Master of Ceremonies – 13%, 4. Future of Work – 9%, 5. Health (Physical) – 9%, 6. Communication & Storytelling – 7,; 7. Futurist & Technology – 6%, 8. Entrepreneurs – 4%, 9. Sales & Marketing – 4%, 10. Leadership – 3%, 11. Teams & Culture – 3%, 12. Other – 3%.

Two key points that stand out:

1. Mental Health – If there’s one thing we’ve heard a lot it’s the people have really struggled this year. Mental health & wellbeing topics have been way more in demand than previous years. Included in this is also topics around resilience. Also inspirational speakers have been booked to help increase overall morale within companies.

2. Remote Work – The other topic that has seen a huge increase is Future of Work. With organisations trying to figure out what works well when it comes to distributed teams and workforces, we’ve been able to provide insightful and inspiring speakers to help guide them through these unchartered waters when it comes to

Finally, we’re seeing a big return to live in-person events and conferences. This time last year around 40% of events and conferences were live in person and 60% virtual. Virtual engagements are here to stay but now over 70% of our speakers engagements are live in-person as Australia looks to get together again following the last 2 years of restrictions.