How to Avoid the Event Manager October CRASH!

My dear Event and Conference Planners,

It’s conference season and I’m worried about you!

I’ve spoken to 4 of you already this week (you know who you are!) who have a cold or feel run down and are crazy busy planning for a roadshow or large event in the next couple of weeks.

The build up and executing of these conferences, awards nights and special events takes almost super human powers.

So I thought instead of sharing a great speaker this week, I’d share some tips on staying healthy at conferences and events (thanks to International Health, Happiness & Work-Life Balance Speaker Mark Bunn – thanks Mark!)

Keep it fun

Remember to ‘have a laugh’ and try to see the lighter side of things wherever possible (even when your speaker or entertainer is running late and you may have to do a song & dance for your audience!). This is the best way to keep stress less levels down and energy levels up.

Get Some Sun

Sunlight is critical for maintaining your energy levels and mood. Start your day with some early morning sunlight and aim to get outside once or twice during the day.

Stay Hydrated

The first thing we usually forget when we are racing around is to drink enough water. And remember caffeine and alcohol make us more dehydrated so we need to drink more water if indulging. Keep a water bottle or thermos handy and every time you go to the bathroom, finish a phone call etc, drink some water (or have other regular reminders). *Keeping you ‘pee’ clear is a better indicator than 8 glasses or 2L s day.

Walk/Move Wherever Possible

Sitting is the new smoking! So keep moving. Replace sitting with walking wherever you can. Go and talk to people face-to-face rather than texting/emailing where suitable.

My Time For Lunch

Lunch is the foundation of our day’s energy, especially if we’re going to be working into the early evening or night. Give yourself 20-30 minutes’ minimum for a decent lunch. (Combine with some outdoors fresh air, sunlight and walking as above is great).

Have Healthy Snacks On Hand

Keep a little tupperware container of nuts, dates, raisins, berries, seeds etc on hand, along with some fruit to keep you energised through the day… and hopefully limit the damage to the chocolate and biscuit supplies!

Have A Afternoon Treat

If you have a full on day, I believe you deserve a nice treat. If you like a sweet or salty treat, go for it, but if you can have it at afternoon tea time along with some fresh fruit.

‘Earth’ Yourself At The End Of The Day

Take your shoes and socks off and find a grassy area and simply stand or sit on the ground. Earthing is one of the best ways to ‘ground yourself’ and settle your mind and body after a hectic day.

Spread The Load

If working within a team, don’t feel you have to attend every aspect of an event. Rotate so at least one member of your team gets a break every few hours so they can go and meditate, get some exercise, sunshine or whatever they need.

Share the Fun

Above all, while events can certainly be stressful (your opening keynote speaker was not only boring but went 20 minutes overtime!!!) wherever you can make the day as fun as possible. Send fellow team members any humorous anecdotes or stories to give everyone a good laugh.

About the authors:

Mark Bunn is the author of the three-times best-selling ‘Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health’ and is one of Australia’s most booked health, happiness and work-life balance speakers. He has delivered his motivational, fun, ‘best of East & West’ health seminars throughout Australasia and overseas for over 15 years.

Keith is a Director of Inspire Speakers. Keith has been representing and promoting the world’s best conference speakers since 1998. Keith spends almost all of his time working with speakers who have great stories with powerful lessons and can tell their story really really well. Contact Keith anytime on 0450 077 997 or email