David Ritter

David Ritter

CEO of Greenpeace Australia
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About David

“David Ritter is CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific, where he leads a talented and determined team campaigning to fulfil Greenpeace’s mission to secure an earth capable of nurturing life in ...”

David Ritter is CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific, where he leads a talented and determined team campaigning to fulfil Greenpeace’s mission to secure an earth capable of nurturing life in all of its magnificent diversity.

Greenpeace has launched and executed a number of highly successful and deeply collaborative campaigns during David’s time as CEO, including most recently:

  • Stopping big oil companies from drilling in the Great Australian Bight, wholly preventing the opening of a new oil frontier.
  • Persuading Australia’s worst climate polluter, AGL Energy, to agree to early coal closures – which will result in roughly an 8-10% drop in annual domestic emissions, and;
  • Shifting 21 major Australian corporations to adopt 100% renewable energy electricity commitments by 2025 – shifting around 5% of the National Electricity Market from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

A widely published writer, including three books, The Coal Truth, Contesting Native Title and The Native Title Market his insights into the climate emergency have been published in The Guardian,  The Griffiths Review, Independent Australian and The Quarterly Essay.

A frequent and highly regarded keynote speaker, David uses his platform to take audiences on a journey; through the wonder and awe of the natural world, the powers that threaten it and his profound belief in the human capacity for good. Audiences will leave aware, empowered and hopeful.

What people say about David

David is a captivating speaker who creates a genuine connection to the audience through humility, honesty and passion. He delivers his message with facts, but in a heartfelt way that invites the audience to connect on a deeper level to the information being provided. David’s love for and the environment and humanity is unashamedly evident in this public speaking; whatever the topic or the target group, he has a unique way of reading the room and bringing people along for the journey and his message.”



“David Ritter is one of the most articulate, passionate and engaging speakers I have ever seen. David has an ability to synthesise complicated information about topics that most people find challenging, and present to audiences in a way that is articulate, easy to understand and persuasive. He is a commanding speaker that draws the crowd into his narrative and is adept at using story to illustrate his climate change arguments and content. He is often the go to as a keynote speaker due to these attributes. I have also seen David galvanise enormous crowds at the ends of conferences when people are weary and exhausted from content. Could not recommend more highly. “



“I have had the pleasure of hearing David speak in a number of public forums, including events that I have hosted for groups of senior executives. When speaking about the climate crisis and Greenpeace’s strategy and achievements, he is nothing short of captivating. His gravitas compels the room to attention and his empathy moves people to action. He is an amazing asset and advocate for the Greenpeace organisation.”


– Let's connect! SUZIE SHAW - CEO, WE ARE SOCIAL

“David is a passionate articulate speaker who grabs the audience’s attention with his first sentences. He is real, authentic and driven by an immense desire to change the way we think and act about the big issues facing our planet. A beautiful human being, our beacon on the hill for positive inclusive activism and transformation.”