James Lush

James Lush

Master of Ceremonies  |  Speaker
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About James

“James hosts and facilitates some of the biggest events around Australia. Over the past 10 years he’s been involved in most of the major conferences, awards, dinners and symposiums....”

He’s the Founder and Director of Lush Digital Media, the award-winning Content Marketing Agency, providing high quality strategic video and written content to some of the biggest companies in Australia.

He has a Masters Degree in Pscyhology and is an in-demand Keynote speaker combining his media, psychology and business background. He’s regularly prodding and poking audiences from the UK to Australia in how they need to wake up to the new media landscape. James has the ability to free the thinking of audiences and open up new communication channels that work!

He also travels the world hosting and facilitating some of the biggest events – especially ones that require individual or panel interviews. His ability to be concise, audience focused and empathetic at all times results in event success.

In the past few years James has worked with a select set of influencers. His mentoring program empowers these influential leaders/inspirers to have more impact in society. High level communication skills take them to the next level and allow them to have incredible impact within their communities.

James has MC’d and facilitated hundreds of different events now – awards nights, gala dinners, product launches, formal ceremonies, talks, conferences, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, one-on-one special events and many others.

His style is consistent – he’s not a stand-up comedian, but he does like to use subtle humour and quick wit to change an atmosphere and make the audience comfortable.

What people say about James

”I could have listened to James all day”