Costa Georgiadis

Costa Georgiadis

2019 Australian Logies winner for Most Popular Presenter  |  TV Presenter  |  Speaker
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About Costa

“Costa Georgiadis is a landscape architect who has an all-consuming passion for plants and people – he knows how to bring out the best in both of them, and takes great pleasure in bringing ...”

Costa Georgiadis is a landscape architect who has an all-consuming passion for plants and people – he knows how to bring out the best in both of them, and takes great pleasure in bringing them together. Costa believes in embracing and celebrating Mother Nature’s cycles and seasons and nurturing her balance, beauty and bounty organically. His holistic approach is all about gardening the soil and the soul.

Costa is an eco-visionary who is always focused on the big picture – the interplay of the micro and the macro. Life is all about the aperture setting, from macro lens close up to 18mm wide-angle fish eye view of the big picture. For Costa soil and water are central to absolutely everything and their availability and sustainability is of the utmost global importance. Costa is particularly fervent about the preciousness of water and the pertinence of its management. He can deconstruct any landscape – analysing climate, aspect, geography, water flow and soil structure to create holistic, sustainable, productive and pleasurable garden and landscape solutions.

Food and Food Security are two areas where Costa connects his skills with landscape design to the very future of human settlements, our cities as we know them. He is involved with Regenerative Agriculture and the holistic practices that are being nurtured to deal with the issues of a rapidly urbanizing world. Through ongoing workshops, lecture series, keynotes, and expos and on site practicums, Costa is actively involved with delivering this message to the broader community. His work with primary schools, high schools, TAFE Colleges and Universities, Industry Groups and Community organisations reflects his ability to take the message of a permanent self-sustaining culture, and give it traction to any audience.

As patron of the Australian Association of Environmental Educators (NSW), Costa extends his passion and excitement to students of all ages: pre-school kindergarten, primary and high school through to tertiary level. Connecting environmental health with personal well-being brings his message full circle, and he capably adapts this message to any group, regardless of age or experience. This adaptability to each and every audience is the challenge he thrives on daily.

Costa’s charm, charisma and passion are invigorating and irresistible – he delights in bringing out the best in everyone he encounters – he makes people shine. He is a particularly comfortable and captivating public speaker who has a gift for making his important messages engaging and highly entertaining. As host and co-creator of Costa’s Garden Odyssey for SBS television, he caught the attention of the nation, sharing his knowledge and passions with one and all. In 2015, Costa made his foray into children’s musical theatre in the Sydney Opera House presentation of Dirtgirl’s Get Grubby Ecomusical.

2016 sees him continue his journey as much-loved host of one of the ABC’s most iconic television programs, Gardening Australia. Costa brings to it his unique, inimitable and delightful approach to nurturing and gardening the plants and people of Australia.

In 2019, Costa won the Australian Logies award for the Most Popular Presenter.

Costa gardens with his hands and his heart.