Join us for Life’s an Adventure

Stuck in lock down with no motivation?

Inspire Speakers Invites you to: Life’s an Adventure

An immersive learning simulation to engage and inspire emerging leaders differently. It is designed to put your team in the drivers seat and experience first hand how to navigate uncertain times whilst achieving a world first.

Lead by adventurist James Castrission who completed a world first – the longest unsupported polar expedition of all time with his best mate. You will be lead through a High Performance Team (HPT) setup and then (using James’ actual footage from the World Record) make decisions that were faced in Antarctica. Each decision has consequences, and these consequences impact whether you will pull off the worlds first unsupported… or not.

What’s in it for you?
– Adventure Simulation: Tailored for you, just like you’re in Antarctica
– Facilitation: Maximizing engagement & collaboration
– Skill Development: Critical Skills to build on mindset, innovation and thinking outside the box.


** This is a complimentary event on behalf of Inspire Speakers**

To learn more about the simulation click the below video

Who is James Castrission?

James is a record breaking Australian explorer and is one of the few extreme adventurers with a senior corporate background. From his work as a senior management consultant at Deloitte and experience leading expeditions to the most hostile corners of the planet, James understands that culture eats strategy for breakfast.

He also understands that in today’s rapidly changing business environment, your company faces constant challenges to team cohesion and alignment. Challenges that old methods of “team-building” simply don’t address.

A different approach is needed.

Click below to watch a trailer on his documentary “Crossing The Ice”