Vannessa McCamley

Vannessa McCamley

Keynote Presenter and Facilitator
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About Vannessa

“Vannessa McCamley is in the business of democratising Neuroscience and human conservation in an era where we need to overcome burnout through behavioural change and education....”

Vannessa McCamley is in the business of democratising Neuroscience and human conservation in an era where we need to overcome burnout through behavioural change and education. At no time in history have we ever expected individuals to cope with ingesting and acting on so much information, across so many channels of communication. And we are at a tipping point. Individuals are burning out with huge to-do lists, fried on an overwhelming diet of immediacy that is eating away at critical thinking, at imagination, at judgement, at mental and physical health, and ultimately impacting families, communities, business, and government.

Every day, she takes one of the most complex and fascinating branches of medical science and gives it day-to-day meaning in a way that helps people adjust, adapt and succeed in rapidly transforming environments.

Her interactive, engaging and fun approach helps professionals to get back in touch with their behavioural drivers, to remind them of the power of empathy, to help them build the adaptability and resilience needed to cope with the relentless speed of change.

By educating around the Neuroscience of fear and vulnerability by providing evidence rich strategies to help overcome fear-based success blockers, Vannessa is able to facilitate improved leadership of self and others. The outcome of this for organisations are an increase in performance, productivity and ultimately revenue.

With a passion for helping people and businesses to overcome obstacles allows them to reach their strategic goals and feel fulfilled. This is achieved by being empowered and accountable for one’s attitude, engagement, actions and results.

Leadership and Change Programs include being a key facilitator of the IAG Insurance Leading Change and being one of 12 facilitators globally to roll out Microsoft Change Management & coaching program to 15,000 Leaders.

With 20 years corporate experience working extensively with individuals at all levels. Knowledge of being a high performer individually and achieving results through teams, helps to define the programs design, intelligence & outcomes.

Prior to running her own consulting business, Vannessa was the head of Sales Productivity and Enablement for global IT Security Organisation Trend Micro. Contributed to over 30% increase in sales revenue.

In her personal life she is known as the ‘Zumba dancing queen’ and enjoys Salsa music, outdoor activities and travelling to diverse countries.

What people say about Vannessa

The thoughtfulness and content combined with a passion of belief made Vannessa’s presentation breathtaking. All companies large and small need her insights to survive this digital transformation era. Get onboard with Vannessa or get left behind.

– Mark Travers, Connect and Collaborate Specialist at Ricoh Australia

‘I attended Vannessa’s session ‘Overcoming Digital Burnout with the Brain in Mind’ at MEA EVOLVE 2019 and it was fantastic. Vannessa is a clear, concise speaker, wonderfully engaging and passionate. Vannessa communicated the importance of the topic wonderfully and gave actionable advice and tips, which I’m very excited to follow.’

– Andrew Crook, Marketing Professional

‘Vannessa’s presentation at our CompTIA Community Meeting on how to create sustainable change in the digital age, was insightful and engaging to our IT Channel audience. Participants rated her highly as she struck just the right balance of science, humour and pragmatic suggestions. Understanding how people think, regulate and adapt in times of change and uncertainty is beneficial to managing our busy lives more effectively. Having the neuroscience framework in which to apply key techniques was useful and practical. I would certainly recommend Vannessa as a keynote presenter.’

– Moheb Moses Director, Channel Dynamics Director, CompTIA ANZ IT Channel Community

‘Vannessa’s keynote presentation on the topic of the Neuroscience of Leadership was clear, to the point and very insightful. She did a great job at keeping us engaged with great content, good examples and an amazing sense of humour whilst providing a deep understanding of why we act and react the way we do and the impacts of negative stress to our decision-making capabilities. Vannessa’s a great keynote speaker and her presentation is a great addition to any management and leadership event.’

– Renato Covos, Project Manager, Kerfoot

‘Vannessa gave a thought-provoking presentation to our customers and partners on the topic of ‘The importance of mindset and adaptability’ to improve business results from a Neuroscience perspective’. All in the audience were engaged and interested. Vannessa was swamped by attendees after each of the events.

– Ashley Wearne, General Manager ANZ at Sophos

‘Vannessa McCamley is an engaging and dynamic speaker and it was great to have her present on the neuroscience of leadership at the Institute of Managers and Leaders Masterclass: Accidental Leader to Intentional Leader. The material resonated well with our audience of technical specialists who were wanting to develop their leadership skills. Vannessa’s presentation was a perfect blend of insight and humour and I would highly recommend her and hope to work with her again in the future.’

– Tamara Wright, CPD Manager at Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML)