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About Tony

“Passion and Purpose is about teaching people how to Own their Space when they communicate under pressure. Tony works with government, corporate, professional services, NFP, SME’s and business ...”

Passion and Purpose is about teaching people how to Own their Space when they communicate under pressure.

Tony works with government, corporate, professional services, NFP, SME’s and business leaders. His clients share a common challenge; how do we empower our people to succeed in all of their key communication. They are acutely aware of the impact this has on their business opportunities and on all relationships; internal and external.

Tony resolves this challenge for his clients by creating safe, inclusive and challenging learning programs; facilitated with skill, impact and sensitivity. Tony’s solutions are delivered through tailored workshops and one-to-one coaching programs with an emphasis on practical application. He spends time understanding our client’s needs and ensure this is reflected in the solution.

‘High Stakes Communication’, whether it is delivering an important business pitch, presentation, speech or influencing a key stakeholder will often be the result of a long process and hard work to gain that opportunity. The pressure to achieve the outcomes under such circumstances, to think clearly on our feet and be able to engage our listeners is too often overwhelming. We can struggle to hold our messages intact and we tend to self-sabotage our authentic communication style and our objectives.

Tony’s programs include:

  • Own your Space – Influence and Impact
  • Public speaking fundamentals – conquer fear and uncertainty
  • On-Screen Confidence
  • Persuasive Presentations
  • Pitch Perfect
  • From Presentation to Presence
  • Nail the Interview
  • Empowering Leaders
  • Critical Conversations

  • Content includes:

  • Understanding and managing performance nerves
  • How to respond under pressure
  • How to Own your Space and bring your messages to life
  • How to plan and prepare your delivery for maximum impact
  • How to Influence and Engage your listener
  • Making an impression through body language
  • Watch Tony in action

    What people say about Tony

    Firstly let me say thank you for what you have done for me – you have made speaking in public a task that I now enjoy and not shy away from. I still practice and plan what I am going to say, but I am far more comfortable in my presentations. I still am working at owning the space but I am getting there.

    – Mark O’Keeffe, Director, TPH Australia

    A life saver! Dramatically increased my confidence and reduced my nerves. Exceeded expectations. Lots of practical exercises – awareness of the room + own emotions/headspace. The focus on connection, being yourself.

    – Sarah Regan, Director, Little Flowers

    To say he is a master of his craft is an understatement! He went above and beyond and taught me to openly embrace my vulnerability and connect with the audience in a way that would inspire them. His techniques, skill, care and passion for coaching performers was evident throughout our preparation and practice, and on the day of the performance I was able to effortlessly get into the zone and actually have fun. My confidence as a public speaker has increased and I have learned that the art of performing is authenticity. Tony’s skill as a performance coach is exceptional.

    – Melissa Katz, Life and Family Coach

    Tony’s sessions on “Effective Communication” delivered the outcomes I was seeking. Tony worked closely with me to meet my needs and delivered the sessions in a fresh and engaging way. Tony’s knowledge and skills are ideal for the public sector and his training style brings a new perspective on how we support our staff in better engaging with our stakeholders and the community we serve.

    – Public Sector Business Services Manager, Australian Government

    Tony Sloman conducted a workshop with our leaders. In exploring pitching, the express aim was to connect their passion with their purpose in a way that engages with their audiences – aligning heart not just giving technical satisfaction. Our team found the workshop very enjoyable; particularly the way that theory was demonstrated in practice and linked to real life. Each person’s pitch was fascinating and team pitches proved they could place the essential purpose at the heart of the presentation. Everyone found Tony to be an excellent communicator and the material easy to understand and memorable. ‘Very inspiring’.

    – CEO, Large Architectural Firm

    I wanted to formally thank you for the two ‘engage & inspire your listener’ workshops you provided our firm. The feedback I have received from across the firm has been resoundingly positive. Most participants thought it was an extremely positive experience and met workshop objectives. While most have also requested follow-up practical sessions. I truly feel you struck a chord with everyone who attended, senior partner to junior lawyer. I look forward to our next collaboration with Passion and Purpose. Sincere thanks.

    – Senior Executive, Large Law Firm