Tim Dwyer

Tim Dwyer

Brand & Growth Strategist  |  Educator  |  Business Builder  |  Product Innovator  |  Insightful Leader & Communicator  |  Entrepreneur
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About Tim

“Tim works with industry leaders who have chosen to do things differently. These are the pioneers of industry who, when they see a trend or a gap in the market, take action to create the value the ...”

Tim works with industry leaders who have chosen to do things differently. These are the pioneers of industry who, when they see a trend or a gap in the market, take action to create the value the market wants to see.

By helping business leaders shift mindset, Tim believes this will help entire industries shift to benefit our communities and society – something he is most passionate about enabling.

To create sustainable change, Tim believes in the need to continually shift mindsets and create space for positive action and growth. Tim has developed a skillset to guide industry and business on how to grow individually and collectively. His specialties are product innovation, leading with brand-led go-to-market strategies and offering creative insights to problem solve and create growth opportunities for his clients.

With over 30 years of supporting enterprises and growing businesses, Tim has built teams of capable, passionate, purpose-led professionals who can activate business growth.  He is an entrepreneur, business growth specialist, keynote speaker and industry leader in business education and consulting to private enterprises.

Tim’s credentials speak volumes; with a career spanning 30 years, Tim has worked with thousands of clients across global brands, large corporates, SMEs, and solopreneurs. Previous roles include Head of Telstra’s strategy for the SME Sales division and 15 years with Shirlaws Group as a top-earning Growth Consultant, Global Partner and Australian CEO.

If you are looking for a keynote speaker for entrepreneurship, leadership and Industry groups or are seeking expert advice and a guiding hand on how to grow your business, connect with Tim through Inspire Speakers.

What people say about Tim

Tim is a true leader in the global Shirlaws Family. He is a world class talent at helping businesses see opportunities for innovation and growth in many areas, a true visionary. He does this for clients and he does this for Shirlaws in Australia and in supporting Shirlaws colleagues around the world as part of our global leadership team.

Beyond all of that, though, Tim is a leader in the Culture of our business. He is a generous, caring, thoughtful human being who is abundant in support of others. Combine that with his prodigious commercial acumen and you have someone I recommend extremely highly.

– Tom McCallum - Sounding Board for leaders choosing transformative change.

The Velocity Property Group has been working with Tim Dwyer for over twelve months.The advice and training that Tim has provided our Company has always been thorough and relevant to our needs. Our Company has achieved significant results through our engagement with Tim, and we would not hesitate to recommend his services.

– Brendon Ansell - Managing Director at Velocity Property Group Limited

Tim Dwyer is a powerhouse when it comes to keeping people focused in business. I sat down with him over breakfast the other month and naturally we started talking shop. In the space of a few minutes Tim had subtly showed me why the 2 or 3 bright shining balls I was chasing weren’t a good idea and then laid out a very simple and systemic map for a better plan. I was sold.

– Mike Reid - Director at Dent Global. Investor. Business Growth Hacker. Sales & Marketing Rainmaker.

I found the 90 day challenge to be a great place to start breaking down the fundamentals of business. By categorising activities and focusing on the time spent there it gave me clarity on what I was doing and the problems I faced. I was able to put a strategy in place to start working out these problems so they are fixed once and for all.

– Mark Newman - Managing Director, Newmark Constructions