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Siimon Reynolds

Marketing and Business Genius
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About Siimon

“Siimon Reynolds is a highly skilled, articulate and powerful conference and keynote speaker and marketing expert. Siimon Reynolds doesn't just talk about business excellence, he lives it. ...”

Siimon Reynolds is a highly skilled, articulate and powerful conference and keynote speaker and marketing expert. Siimon Reynolds doesn’t just talk about business excellence, he lives it. Blending practical tips with fascinating stories to deliver a speech that’s memorable, so you can relax, knowing that he’ll deliver what your conference needs.

The last business Siimon co-founded, Photon Group, grew from 2 people to 6000 in just 8 years becoming the 15th largest marketing services group in the world. He has also won over 50 business awards.

Siimon has been featured on 60 Minutes, Today, Bloomberg, and in hundreds of print and radio interviews on achieving business success. Yet ironically, Reynolds is most interested in failure. He believes that it’s only when we really understand the causes of failure, that we can build genuine, lasting success.

After a multi year study, in 2010 Siimon wrote the breakthrough book, ‘Why People Fail’, which became a Number One Bestseller in both the Business and Self Improvement categories. In it Reynolds defined 16 fundamental causes of failure, for executives and businesses alike, and revealed the often surprising solutions to them.

Siimon now personally mentors 22 CEO’s from around the world to help them avoid failure and maximise their success, and delivers stunning keynote speeches on Why People Fail, Why Leaders Fail and Why Businesses Fail.

Siimon listens to you, studies your company then customises his speech to fit your situation. You get a speech that’s not just motivating, it’s exactly what the message you want imparted to your audience. By carefully sculpting his speech to your company’s particular needs, he ensures his time on stage makes a tangible and lasting impact to your organization.

What people say about Siimon

In one hour, you successfully gave the audience a “Motivational Kick”, with sensible and practical advice that they could incorporate into everyday life and improve their chances of success. Thank you for making our event such a great success.

– Bruce Gleeson, Chair, ConnectionX

…I was at your seminar in Christchurch yesterday, I would like to thank you for a great presentation. You gave my partners and I many things to think about and put into action.

– Glenn O’Callahan, G3 Visuals NZ

…you were great – I love your energy onstage, you captivated me and the attention of the audience..

– Sharmila Nahna, Pulman Showcase

We all found your stories very interesting and uplifting and I am sure everyone in the room was inspired to heed some of your advice.

– Vincent Ryan, Business Banking, NAB

Siimon is a great mind and a spellbinding speaker.

– John McGrath, Founded McGrath Partners Real Estate

Siimon’s incisive thinking and brilliant business mind has driven him to the top of our fiercely competitive industry. His ability to communicate what he knows in simple yet powerful ways clearly makes him a leader amongst our profession.

– John Singleton MD, BRW Rich 200 Member