Ngahi Bidois

Ngahi Bidois

Inspirational Maori Leader  |  Businessman  |  Educator
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About Ngahi

“Ngahi lives in Rotorua, New Zealand, which is the Maori Cultural Tourist capital of the world. His full indigenous Maori name is Ngahihi o te ra and means “The Rays of the Sun”. A ...”

Ngahi lives in Rotorua, New Zealand, which is the Maori Cultural Tourist capital of the world.

His full indigenous Maori name is Ngahihi o te ra and means “The Rays of the Sun”. A name bestowed on him by Maori elders before he was born.

Childhood experiences with tourists from all over the world provided Ngahihi o te ra with an understanding of their cultures.

His personal life goals saw Ngahihi o te ra achieve success by the age of 26, only to find he had turned his back on his own indigenous Maori Culture. While he had worked hard to attain the relevant knowledge and skills and was employed in the Business world, he had lost his identity as an indigenous Maori of New Zealand. He did not know what it meant to be Maori.

Ngahi realigned his personal goals and based them on identity. These personal goals took him into the Education sector where he retrained and qualified before being employed in the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sectors of Education. His employment in the Education sector has included teaching at the Primary sector in a Maori Total Immersion school, teaching and managing in the secondary sector, developing programmes and lecturing in the tertiary sector before becoming a tertiary senior manager.

Using his Cultural, Business and Education background he shows international audiences how to apply “ancient wisdom” from his indigenous Maori culture as “Modern Solutions” for their personal, business and educational situations.

His inspirational keynote speeches, MC services and workshops ensure Educational and Business audiences develop their leadership, productivity, motivation, inspiration, communication.

Ngahi says “My passion is developing people. My Professional experiences in the business and education sectors prove to me that it is people that make a difference to profits. If you develop people at all levels of your business, you will improve your profits. One of our well known indigenous Maori proverbs speaks of people being the most important resource in this world.

This is just one of the concepts of ancient wisdom from my indigenous Maori culture which I talk about and could become a modern solution for your personal and professional lives.”

As a passionate and gifted, hard working, inspirational Professional speaker Ngahi works hard to increase the success of your conference or event. He is committed to the development of all people and their success.

The word audiences use to describe Ngahi is ‘inspirational’. This was recently confirmed by his peers as he is the proud recipient of the following awards.

National Speakers Association of New Zealand (Auckland)
* 2008 Speaker of the Year
* 2008 Inspirational Speaker of the Year
* 2009 Inspirational Speaker of the Year

What people say about Ngahi

Ngahi was the perfect man for the job. He went down brilliantly with our audience and achieved our objective for the session of inspiring people to “lift their game”. His focus on leadership was particularly timely and fitted superbly with the theme of the conference. We conducted an online evaluation after the conference Ngahis name came up time and time again as a highlight!

– Health Promotion Agency HPA

Ngahi was absolutely the right person at the right time for our industry to hear in regards to his cultural, personal and professional story. Maori are one of our best assets to promote New Zealand and Ngahi achieved not only improving faith that this is true, but his leadership insights provided delegates with a lot of thought provoking discussion. His haka at the end with the assistance of other Te Arawa delegates was inspiring and will be long talked about for years to come.

– Tourism Export Council of New Zealand

An excellent speaker with a great message, bought his book and am enjoying the read. He was perfect for our opening session, full of energy and inspiration, yet very humble at the same time.

– First National Real Estate