Mick Miller

Mick Miller

Cancer Survivor  |  Performance Coach  |  Motivational Speaker  |  Adventurer
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About Mick

“Mick Miller has coached athletes for the last 6 Olympics, is a cancer survivor, performance coach, motivational speaker and adventurer. His presentations can motivate and inspire your team for ...”

With over 25 years as an elite sports coach, Mick has provided the essential support and vision for athletes on all levels to achieve their goals.

Mick has seen it all.

He’s worked with elite athletes chasing Olympic glory, world championships, professional Rugby League teams, America’s Cup campaigns, and up-and-coming youth championships.

He’s seen athletes through good times and bad, victory and meltdown, triumph euphoria and heart-breaking despair.

He’s brought athletes back from career-threatening injury, rebuilt teams that were crumbling under pressure, and mentored his junior athletes through the challenges of growing up.

He has worked across a wide range of sports and sporting contexts including:

Six?Olympic campaigns with athletes and coaches in sailing and rowing

Australian and NSW Rowing Teams 1991-2009

International Rugby Union Teams

Current NRL and NSW Rugby Union Teams

Mick has a distinctively personalised, entertaining and effortless communication style that builds meaningful relationships that work, whether one-on-one or with a large audience. He has the runs on the board to ensure the credibility and authenticity of all of his services.

Over the past five years Mick has focused on getting people’s heads in the right space.

Drawing on years of experience in coaching individuals and teams in their quest for excellence Mick has developed the Mynds Performance Application.

The Mynds Performance Application allows you to benchmark your state of mind across a multitude of different performance-affecting factors and identify which of these is holding you or your team back from performing at their best.

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What people say about Mick

You have a great way of packaging trends into action-oriented takeaways.

– Dave Hagan, CEO of Boingo, Wireless

Mick Millers “Beat the Clock Time Management Presentation” was informative and very beneficial to all the Youth Development Participants at the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club. We look forward in using his services again.

– Stuart Templeton, Club Coach RPAYC

I just wanted to touch base and thank you again for your inspiring presentation yesterday at the Sydney Police Station. Staff are still talking about it which is a great sign of how it resonated personally with them all.?Stay well and look forward to seeing you on the next occasion.

– Max Mitchell, Assistant Commissioner, APM Police Transport Command, New South Wales Police Force

I learnt how to manage my time by prioritising what needed to be done. Learning how to make better time based decisions ultimately helped me focus and allowed me to concentrate on the race ahead. In the end I found I actually had more time to think!

– James Spithill, America’s Cup Oracle Skipper

Mick’s exciting presentations have covered a range of subjects form injury prevention, time management, sponsorship, recovery, self esteem, mistakes & campaigning. These presentations have been delivered to a range of athletes from rowing, swimming, fencing, rugby league, water polo, yachting, tennis, hockey, track and field, water skiing, snow skiing, lawn bowls, soccer & soft ball. Mick has serviced some of the academy’s corporate clients including the Catholic Union & Online Pumps who have had team building workshops at the Sydney Academy of Sport. Mick has a natural skill to deliver his message to his clients who have all enjoyed his personality and knowledge.

– Chris Mamo, Client Service Coordinator, Sydney Academy Of Sport

Through Mick’s help I discovered ways to remain positive and get the most out of every situation, my confidence and self-esteem strengthened and I finally felt I had a support network around me so I could achieve the results I’d aimed for. Rarely will a sporting coach be able to match his or her athlete on the field but, of course, that is not their job: a coach adds value by assessing their athlete, enhancing their talents and finding ways to overcome their weaknesses. An exceptional coach will continually innovate, will look outside the traditions and usual practices of any one sport to help their athlete achieve more than they thought was possible.

– Jeni Whalan, Australian Sailing Team

We are writing to thank you for the support you and your team provided Incat Crowther All members of our management team were impressed with your level of understanding of our organisation and your customised solutions to meet our specific objectives. The series of presentations coupled with your ongoing support services (and good humour) has improved communication, team harmony and productivity within our organisation. Engineers can often be hard to work with and typically follow specific proven prescribed rules or systems. Your presentations provided insight into many techniques to improve our organization.

– Dr. Andrew Tuite, Technical Director

Really appreciate your time last week and just want to thank you again. From a personal note, I was genuinely impressed with your presentation. You have an ability to be able to relate to police, particularly when you related examples back to policing. The feedback I have received from my colleagues is that everyone took away some key messages and were equally impressed with your method of delivery.

– Craig James, Inspector Staff Officer, Police Transport Command

We’ve had so many positive comments from the morning in reference to your talk. I think everybody would have been thinking about their short and long breaths all afternoon! On behalf of the PBL board, thank you again for spending the morning with us and for making such a great impact.

– Claire Scott, Pittwater Business Limited