Martin Grunstein

Martin Grunstein

Expert on Customer Services | Keynote Speaker
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About Martin

“Martin Grunstein is an exceptional keynote speaker who motivates organisations to radically change their approach to customer service....”

Martin Grunstein is an exceptional keynote speaker who motivates organisations to radically change their approach to customer service. Renowned for his ability to research and adapt his presentations to meet audience needs, he has worked with a massive range of industry groups in Australia and New Zealand. With intelligence, humour and realism, he delivers practical insights and strategies that can be put into immediate action.

Martin has taught skills to everybody from CEOs to frontline people enabling them to provide the levels of service that has contributed to significant increases in customer satisfaction and profitability.

His explanation of why the customer is NOT always right and how the service provider must give up the need to be right for the greater good of the client relationship has resonated with people throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Whether it be learning how to deal with residents and relatives in aged care or guests in hospitality or selling into industrial markets or the basic skills in retail, the action plan that results from Martin’s keynote or workshop has returned Martin’s clients many times the investment in his services.

One of the keys to the success of the programmes is Martin’s use of humour. As an ex-professional comedy writer, Martin believes that entertainment is the best form of education. Participants have a smile on their face throughout and thoroughly enjoy the learning.

As a keynote presenter Martin has been voted the highest rated speaker at countless conferences over the past 30 years.

What people say about Martin

“I just want to again thank you for your time at our Conference. I have been receiving the feedback forms from the franchisees and the overall comments have been that you were the highlight of the weekend and by far our best speaker we have ever had at our conferences so congratulations on that!”

– Rhianne Cameron, Office Manager, Hydrokleen

“There definitely has been an impact on the business because when we are having conversations about customers and their expectations Vs deliverables, the team that attended our national conference refer back to your session. Its great that we are starting to see the focusing on margin expansion and not purely selling on price.”

– Brian Cohalan, Managing Director - New Zealand, Johnson Controls

“You made me reflect, we’re doing the best we have ever done, the clients, candidates and team are all happy and we’re more profitable than ever. I’m sure that’s due to many things but i still also truly believe you were really important in setting a standard as to how we interact with our customers. So thank you again, you’ve made a difference.”

– Nikki Beaumont, Beaumont Consulting

“I was expecting brilliant things and you exceeded my expectations. “Making Profits in Changing Times” was a very appropriate topic and I was very pleased, as it was important, that you followed my briefing to the word. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with the results of your presentation and I know how extremely worthwhile it was to our delegates.”

– Steve Sampson, General Manager, Choice Home Loans