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Keith Abraham

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About Keith

“Keith is a unique, entertaining speaker guaranteed to make an impact. He uses every means available to make his message memorable, practical, and powerful and thought provoking for every ...”

Author and professional speaker, Keith Abraham has been driving exceptional results in businesses for over 19 years. Keith’s presentations are thought provoking, engaging and motivational. Keith is a master at finding people’s passion and driving that passion to create life changing goals and results both personally and professionally.

Keith Abraham, has become the world’s premier thought leader on passionate performance and building passionate based cultures. CEO’s of billion-dollar companies turn to Keith for inspiration, insights and ideas on how to bring the best out of their people and themselves.

Having spent over 19 years on stage, inspiring audiences in over 22 countries, Keith knows the key to creating people who are passionate about their life, role and business. He has unlocked the secret to establishing true goal alignment that combines an individual’s driving emotions with your strategic direction. Each of Keith’s presentation topics contain time-proven strategies that are inspirational, informative and insightful that stimulate participants to achieve their personal goals and their professional goals to realise their best potential.

As founder of Passionate Performance Inc. he has been dedicated to researching, training and working with people to help them find their passion, harness their passion and turn their passion into personal and professional capital. He has developed a client base of over 265 companies across 20 countries.

Having been presented with the highest honour for professional speaking, the Nevin Award, Keith was also named ‘Keynote Speaker of the Year’ by the Australian National Speakers Association in 2012.

He has written three bestselling books and just released his latest book It Starts with Passion—which skyrocketed to #11 in just one month, an amazing result.

Throughout his professional career, Keith has engaged the services of many coaches. Mentors, who have travelled the journey, experienced the highs and the lows and have come out the other side enriched from the experience. Keith combines this experience, his wisdom of working with 278 global companies and time-tested strategies into 4 Coaching Levels, each designed to turn your passion into a profit or transform your potential into productivity for your current personal, career or business situation.

Keith is a unique, entertaining speaker guaranteed to make an impact. He uses every means available to make his message memorable, practical, and powerful and thought provoking for every conference delegate.

What people say about Keith

Keith’s contribution to our peoples personal development has been phenomenal. He has been a catalyst for our people and our organisation to achieve measurable gains in performance.

– Terry White Management Pty Ltd

Keith was absolutely excellent, I have made recommendations to National about him, I would definitely invite him back


I was stimulated, liberated and ultimately more inspired.

– Steve Jones, Telstra

Keith has shared his energy, sense of humour and business acumen with hundreds of my team providing tools that have led to life-changing transformation.

– Ian Blair, General Manager Retail Banking, Westpac New Zealand.

Keith is an exceptional presenter who has a great ability to acquire the knowledge of the business and to deliver a dynamic and engaging presentation to the audience. Keith stands out as a professional who delivers long lasting business results every time.

– Woolworths Limited