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Julia Palmer

Relational Strategist
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“HIGHLY REGARDED - Voted 'Best Talk of the Day' by the audience of TEDx Darling Harbour - Kochie's Business Builder's Networking Expert - invited back for a third year in a row to present at ...”

Julia Palmer is a respected Relational Strategist best known for leading the face-to-face revolution!

She has dedicated her career to cleaning up the negative connotation of the word ‘networking’ by helping to educate business people on the importance of developing strategies to create and manage viable internal and external business relationships.

She has forged her own approach to this critical area of business and developed “NRM – Network Relationship Management” and “Netships – Networking relationships”, which she presents passionately on.

Julia’s expertise includes over 20 years of practice and research. Her corporate career involved global travel and hosting hundreds of conferences in all industries. She has held senior level management positions working for multinational organisations and living in cities spanning Sydney, London, Stockholm, and Singapore, each experience honing her business acumen and evolving her managerial, communication, interpersonal and sales skills. She has personally closed millions of dollars of sponsorships and partnerships along the way and believes firmly in the effectiveness of networking as a career requisite.

Now, in the role that life has been grooming her to take on, Julia works to help people improve their corporate productivity by refining their business relationship strategies. A key part of her ethos focuses on empowering her clients to learn communication techniques that enrich both their personal and professional lives.
As Chief Executive of Relatus, Julia and her team offer advisory and capability development to build new generation human capability. Clients from Fortune 500 to small business have experienced greater levels of success both personally and professionally.

Along with over two decades of real networking experience, Julia Palmer has a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Advanced Certifications in Neuro-linguistics, Emotional Intelligence (MSCEIT), Performance Consulting, Training and Assessment.

Julia is the Channel 7 Kochie’s Business Builders Networking Expert, lectures on networking at various Universities and is the preferred networking trainer to many leading organisations and professional associations.

Julia is a refreshing, engaging and compelling speaker at functions and conferences around around the world. She has authored two books ‘Schmoozing the Globe’ and ‘BUZZ’ and appears regularly in TV, Radio and Print Media promoting the growing importance of networking relationships in business today.

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What people say about Julia

Our business thrives and grows off the back of client relationships, we will grow 15% this year. Over the last decade we have grown by 300% and I have no doubt this is due to the training we have done with Julia in developing our networks and capabilities. This blended program over several months was by far our best investment in our people and the results are showing that it has been very worthwhile.

– Stephen Maher - Principal Business Development Manager and Structural Engineer, Northrop

Members took great learning from your session with high marks and many 10`s! As you know the group were unable to find any areas of improvement for you. I believe they enjoy the practical nature of the message which has clear benefit to all. We all enjoyed your personal style and knowledge and generally had a great day.

– Keith Brooks - Chairman TEC 29, KEY

Julia Palmer is very good at what she does, ability to teach a difficult skill to any body, and at every level. It says a lot when people say they remember what was taught days after they’ve walked away from the event, which says a lot about the person WHOM had conducted the workshop and importantly HOW it was taught. She is very professional, extremely punctual and prompt throughout the process.

– Recoveries & Credit Risk Management, Business Banking, NAB

I’ve had the pleasure of having Julia Palmer engage with my audiences a number of times over the last couple of years, presenting at high profile events which Sales Effectiveness Australasia has hosted. What can I say – except that she delivers, and the audience love what she delivers. And I’ve got the feed-back sheets to prove it! Knowing how to network professionally is an essential tool for salespeople and sales managers in the 21st century – and there’s no-one better to learn from than Julia Palmer.

– Principal, Sales Effectiveness Australasia 

Julia was invited to speak at TNT Express Australia LINC (Lead, Inspire, Network & Connect) Inaugural Event on International Women’s Day 2014 to over 50 Australian Female employees……What a brilliant outcome, the participants learnt some theory on why Networking is so important to a successful career. Julia demonstrated how to introduce yourself to someone you don’t know and how to keep the conversation going and even further value add was how to exit a discussion if need be in a respectful way. Participants we given an opportunity to practice the new skills over morning tea and all left the event more skilled and confident in building their networks.

– People & Organisational Development at TNT Express 

Thank you so much for addressing our leading CEO’s at the Premium Brands Group breakfast with a powerful relationship and network building message. Relationship building and management is daunting for a lot of people, even leaders of business, and our guests all commented on how insightful your comments were and how they got something very positive out of it. It is great to see a business like yours out there helping make it easier to grow businesses!

– Director, Premium Brands Group 

Thank-you for your outstanding contribution to the International Talent Management Conference held at the Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace. Both your sessions were extremely well received and the full audience demonstrates the relevance of your expertise.

– AITC Director, Etisalat 

Julia's books

What type of Networker are you? – Julia Palmer  (MPAMAGAZINE.COM.AU)

What type of Networker are you? – Julia Palmer (MPAMAGAZINE.COM.AU)