Jemma Green

Jemma Green

Entrepreneur  |  Economic Commentator  |  Keynote Speaker
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About Jemma

“Dr Jemma Green is the Executive Chairman and co-founder of Power Ledger, a blockchain powered peer to peer energy and carbon credit trading platform with projects in the US, Japan, Europe, ...”

Dr Jemma Green is the Executive Chairman and co-founder of Power Ledger, a blockchain powered peer to peer energy and carbon credit trading platform with projects in the US, Japan, Europe, Thailand and Australia. She is also an expert in residence at Curtin University helping with commercialisation of technology and the startup ecosystem.

Recognised as an EY Fintech Entrepreneur of the Year award, Jemma gives regular talks in Australia and overseas on technology and leadership in business.

More about Dr Jemma Green:

Jemma Green completed a degree in finance, before commencing her career in banking at J.P. Morgan in London. While there, she saw first hand the problems that came with bringing corporate social responsibility to the business world.

Driven by this, as well as her broader interests, Jemma completed two postgraduate diplomas and a Masters in Sustainability at Cambridge University, researching corporate credit ratings and environmental risk. In 2013, Jemma left JP Morgan and returned to Australia to pursue a doctorate at Curtin University in electricity market disruption, which she completed in 2017. This work turned out to be the perfect segue to starting up Power Ledger. Jemma also helped set up Australia’s first fossil fuel free superannuation fund? and has sat on numerous boards championing sustainable business. She serves on the board of Water Corporation

In October 2015, Jemma was elected as an independent councilor at the City of Perth and took an active role in transforming her hometown into a more lively and liveable city to attract digital enterprises and today’s much sought after knowledge workers.

Jemma is the mother of two children.

What people say about Jemma

When Jemma speaks on matters of sustainable living and development she always brings a fresh blend of passion, vision, and a huge breadth of knowledge underpinned by a clear sense of real world economic viability. Jemma provide an independent expert presentation on batteries as a disruptive force in the energy industry at our solar storage launch event and we received tremendous feedback from participants for Jemma’s entertaining, high quality and informative contribution.

– Balance Services Group

I have been fortunate to have heard Jemma Green speak publicly and privately on many occasions on questions of climate change and its mitigation and on investment in firms and industries affected by climate change and its mitigation. She is well informed and analytically strong, and Marshall’s her knowledge effectively in presenting her views. She is an engaging speaker, capable of holding audiences drawn from the wider community as well as specialists in her field.

– The University of Melbourne

Jemma is an articulate, succinct, warm and witty presenter. After hearing her speak at a high profile event I knew I wanted to have her part of future events that I would run. Within a week or two of this a keynote had to pull out of a sustainability event I was facilitating due to medical reasons. The first person who came to mind was Jemma. I called her explained the situation and without hesitation she agreed. Less than a week later she delivered an insightful and often challenging presentation on the rising issue of supply chain transparency. With an audience of around 40 from a diverse set of stakeholders she gained trust and credibility quickly and was asked the most questions by participants. I have already contacted Jemma about another event I am working on. I have and will continue to recommend her to others.

– Aegle Sustainability

Jemma’s presentations are characterised by her passion and substance. She makes her key points decisively and with clarity, while being entertaining. She is a pleasure to listen to.

– Australian Liberal Party

Jemma’s presentation style is captivating, timely and engaging: what an outstanding presenter. She is always eager to share her knowledge and has contributed to the success of many of JazCorp’s events with architects, engineers, builders, sustainability consultants, manufacturers, suppliers and energy assessors who have been left always wanting more. Jemma effectively manages to engage the audience with her ‘ease’ presentation style, remains with the brief and has managed challenging questions in the most diplomatic and professional manner. She is focused, passionate and channels a positive energy and vibe to the audience, who have remained in awe of her knowledge and her ability to present confidently and effectively . If I ever need to guarantee the success of any of our events without question, she remains the first on my list to call.

– JazCorp Australia ADEB

Jemma Green is an excellent public speaker. She is clear, with a very powerful tone; she is very articulate, confident and has a positive presence on the stage. Her deep knowledge of the financial sector, merged with a passion and understanding of sustainability, makes her profile unique. She will prepare her speech with a great attention to detail, making sure she targets the presentation to the audience. She will always know how to respond to questions, using various techniques including involving other people and keeping her sessions interactive. I have prepared various events with her, and it has always been a great success. There is no doubt that public speaking is something she enjoys, and this is what makes her so charismatic and high-performing. It is rare to see women as well prepared to speak in public as Jemma is. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to hold a well-informed, interesting, lively and interactive presentation on sustainability.

– JP Morgan