Jane Anderson

Jane Anderson

Strategic Communications Expert
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About Jane

“Thought Leader, Author, Coach, Mentor. Jane is a powerhouse at helping organisations and individuals unlock their human potential. With over 10 years’ experience in Influencer Marketing she has ...”

Jane is a powerhouse at helping organisations and individuals unlock their human potential. She has helped thousands of people find the job they love and helped leaders to inspire and engage their teams. She is an experienced speaker, coach, author, and leader within the global career development and coaching industry. But it wasn’t always the way for Jane……

Jane was working in what seemed a great secure job but hit a point where she became burnt-out and stressed to the point that it was having an impact on  her own health and well-being. On the outside, everything looked fine to everyone, but it wasn’t. Her life and career were spiraling and slowly deteriorating.Then on the 8th of February 2007 her marriage was over and life as it had been, was never the same again.What initially seemed to be a devastating shock for Jane actually turned out to be an opportunity to help leaders to find authentic meaning and purpose in their careers. Jane’s calling is to help them unlock potential from their core inner-self and their teams so they become the highest expression of themselves for their organisation and their life outside work. Organisations benefit from the highest levels of productivity, increased retention and reduced absenteeism.

What people say about Jane

Jane is one of the most valuable speakers on Lead Generation and the value of LinkedIn.

– Andrea Shepperson, Educator, Leader

Jane has a clear message that is fun and entertaining. The feedback from our members after the event was fantastic.

– Adam Leishman, Commerce Caboolture