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Heidi Dening

Self-Leadership  |  Resilience and Vitality
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About Heidi

“Heidi Dening is an authentic, resilient and gutsy self-leader who has courageously flipped adversity on its head and is now leaving her legacy by empowering others to do the same....”

Heidi Dening is an authentic, resilient and gutsy self-leader who has courageously flipped adversity on its head and is now leaving her legacy by empowering others to do the same. Her elegant, yet powerful presence on stage will leave your audiences wanting to do more, give more, have more and be more.

When she woke one morning and mysteriously couldn’t walk for the following eight months she thought that would be her last big challenge. Since then though, she has been forced into a car at gunpoint in South Africa; made what she thought was the final goodbye call to her husband due to an approaching tsunami; been amongst hundreds of thousands of Rwandan refugees after the 1994 genocide; and during a volunteer trip, she narrowly escaped being burnt alive when petrol bombs were thrown at her bedroom while she slept.

By transforming these real-life setbacks into opportunities, Heidi now shares her impactful strategies from stage and in workplaces so others can become the courageous self-leaders they were destined to be. When this happens, organisations improve their culture, their retention and their bottom line because their team members can finally reach their true potential.

With over 20years experience in business, education and health, Heidi is a sought-after keynote speaker, passionate educator, and author of an inspiring self-leadership book called Her Middle Name Is Courage.

She has received many awards including an Australia Day Merit Award and Westpac’s International Women’s Day Local Hero Award. She is the only Australian to be selected for a global advisory position that looks at how our workplaces impact our stress levels, resilience, productivity and mental health, which gives her access to cutting edge data on these topics. Heidi was selected for the NSW Government’s Inspirational Showcase for entrepreneurship and empowerment and is also on the honour roll for the global #CelebratingWomen project.

Heidi hates seeing people not live their life to the fullest. That is why she has a mission to empower as many self-leaders as she can on how they can strengthen their resilience, so they can step up, speak out and share their unique brilliance with the world. She believes that this will then send a ripple effect of vitality and optimism into workplaces, into families, and into communities … potentially improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

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What people say about Heidi

“Heidi’s Insights are Practical, Life-impacting, and Creates Immediate & Positive Change for Her Audience Members”

– Belinda Melocco, Chair of the Sydney Event Network

“Heidi certainly stands out from the pack in terms of her knowledge, delivery, personality and

– Ronnie Altit, CEO and Founder Incentra

“She Had the Room in the Palm of Her Hand.”

– Amanda Farmer, Lawyer and Founder of Your Strata Property

She brought great energy, warmth and insight to the conference.

– Mark McCrindle, Social Researcher and Demographer

“Heidi provides thought-provoking, well-researched data and her messages are real and meaningful.”

– Emma Bowyer, Managing Director, International Conferences Management Services Australasia

Heidi's books

Her Middle Name is Courage

Her Middle Name is Courage