Heidi Dening

Heidi Dening

‘Best International Keynote Speaker’  |  Resilience Expert
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About Heidi

“Heidi Dening is an authentic, resilient and gutsy self-leader who has courageously flipped adversity on its head and is now leaving her legacy by empowering others to do the same....”

Heidi Dening is an award-winning businesswoman, author of the bestseller Her Middle Name Is Courage, and an engaging storyteller who has dedicated her career to inspiring thousands of people all over the world – from small children on remote pacific islands to professional teams across 19 different industries.

Her goal is to elevate the professional resilience of audiences so they can tolerate their tough times better. This enables them to make better decisions, be more innovative, have more energy, optimism and empathy, and successfully deal with change, stress, and uncertainty.

Heidi creates unforgettable and uplifting keynote presentations because she is:

  1. Empathetic – researches and understands the challenges that the audience is currently experiencing.
  2. Empowering – gives actionable content and models that are memorable long after the presentation has finished.
  3. Extraordinary – her storytelling ability and the insights that she shares from her incredible background are inspiring. (She has survived a gunpoint kidnapping, a life-threatening tsunami, paralysing illnesses, and being burnt alive by petrol bombs.)
  4. Engaging – brings enjoyment, laughter and connection to all her keynotes.
  5. Experienced – has an impressive business and health education background.

Heidi has delivered onstage and virtual presentations (and programs) to tens of thousands of professionals globally. Her impressive list of delighted clients includes Coca-Cola, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, MDRT, Oracle, WWF, Financial Planners Association, Metcash, University of Sydney and Westpac, to name a few.

She was named ‘Best International Keynote Speaker’ in the Asia Pacific region and is the author of an amazon best-selling leadership book called ‘’Her Middle Name is Courage – How Self-leadership transforms pressure into performance, chaos into clarity and rage into resilience”.

Working with Heidi is stress-free because she is adaptable, calm and organised throughout the entire process, so please reach out to us today to book her for your next event.

What people say about Heidi

Everyone Was Spellbound By Her Extraordinary Experiences

“Heidi is an inspiring and engaging storyteller who has turned her extraordinary experiences into practical, clear strategies which we can all implement immediately into our corporate lives. Her stories are incredible and as I looked around the room, I could see that everyone was completely spellbound.”

– Marketing Manager, Real Estate Institute of NSW

She Is World-Class

“In the modern business environment, the deep expertise and practical strategies that Heidi empowers us with is a much needed and welcome change. If you are looking for ideas to recognise the early signs of work fatigue and burnout in your profession, Heidi has strategies to combat even the darkest of storms. Her presentation skills and abilities to command a room are world class.”

– Law Society of Sutherland

Powerful Storytelling That Resonates Deeply with Audiences

“Vibrant and engaging on stage, equally amazing in a virtual environment, Heidi is the master at helping individuals and organisations build resilience so they are better equipped to handle the tough stuff when it is thrown their way. She has lived through some of the toughest moments and has had to find her way back. It is this experience and her powerful storytelling that strengthens her messages and resonates deeply with audiences.”

– GM, Hands Across The Water

“She brought great energy, warmth and insight to the conference.”

– Mark McCrindle, Social Researcher and Demographer

“Heidi provides thought-provoking, well-researched data and her messages are real and meaningful.”

– Emma Bowyer, Managing Director, International Conferences Management Services Australasia

“The audience loved what Heidi brought to the stage and the great learning’s she shared at our conferences in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Bangkok.”

– Peter Baines, Company Director, Hands Across The Water

“Heidi’s Insights are Practical, Life-impacting, and Creates Immediate & Positive Change for Her Audience Members”

– Belinda Melocco, Chair of the Sydney Event Network

“Heidi certainly stands out from the pack in terms of her knowledge, delivery, personality and

– Ronnie Altit, CEO and Founder Incentra

“She Had the Room in the Palm of Her Hand.”

– Amanda Farmer, Lawyer and Founder of Your Strata Property

She brought great energy, warmth and insight to the conference.

– Mark McCrindle, Social Researcher and Demographer

“Heidi provides thought-provoking, well-researched data and her messages are real and meaningful.”

– Emma Bowyer, Managing Director, International Conferences Management Services Australasia

Heidi's books

Her Middle Name is Courage

Her Middle Name is Courage

#1 Amazon Best Seller, Her Middle Name is Courage is a conversation about hardship, resilience, self-leadership and overcoming adversity to come out of tough times stronger than ever.

Heidi has transformed her own real-life setbacks into opportunities and shares these impactful strategies to inspire others to find their courage and become the self-leaders they were destined to be.

From not being able to walk for eight months; forced into a car at gunpoint in South Africa; and narrowly escaping being burnt alive during a volunteer mission in Vanuatu, Heidi shows us how to turn our stories of adversity into stories of resilience.

Her Middle Name Is Courage, will help you embrace self-leadership strategies and influence your life in a way that is right for you. It is not only for entrepreneurs, corporate executives, business owners, and team leaders; it’s also for those who know they have so much more to offer but don’t yet understand how to draw positive insights from their personal and professional adversities. If you are ready to step up, speak out and share your unique brilliance, this book will give you the courage to do so.

The e-launch of Her Middle Name Is Courage claimed the #1 spot on Amazon in Business Leadership, Women & Business, Business Management & Leadership, Business & Investing, Business & Economics categories, plus the overall best selling non-fiction book, joining the ranks of Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Brene Brown, Simon Sinek and Scott Pape from Barefoot Investor.