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“Incredible things are happening on our planet. Diseases are being eradicated, millions are being lifted out of poverty, billions of people are gaining access to the greatest information resource ...”

Incredible things are happening on our planet. Diseases are being eradicated, millions are being lifted out of poverty, billions of people are gaining access to the greatest information resource humanity has ever known. We can use open source code to print prosthetic limbs, we can cut and paste our DNA, and we’re taking bold new steps into space.

Dr Angus Hervey and Tané Hunter are the dynamic duo better known as Future Crunch. They deliver mind blowing presentations to generate optimism and shift perceptions to create new and better ways of doing things in the 21st of century.

Future Crunch believes that disruptive technologies are bringing about a world that is more peaceful, transparent and abundant. They are determined to share a narrative that breaks through negatives perspectives regarding the state of the world as we know it. They seek to engage humanity with hope, optimism and positively driven purpose.

Future Crunch are a collective library of innovative brains. The team combine expertise in economics, coding, politics and data analytics with design, art and music. Each Future Crunch experience is a rich fusion of customised research designed to ‘crunch’ your particular industry’s future. They provide unexpected perspectives on what the future looks like.

Future Crunch are disruptive in their optimism. They cut through the dominant discourse of a planet destined to destruct, and give us all the inspiration to activate purpose and be a part of a movement that stands for collective hope about the future. They invite audiences to become curious about the miraculous advancements occurring for humanity today.

On stage, Angus and Tané are showmen who weave charisma with credibility, and stagecraft with steadfast knowledge and research. They are original yet relatable, entertaining yet relevant to any organisation looking to harness the forces of technological disruption, drive cultural change and take advantage of the opportunities ahead.


What people say about Future

In planning for our 2020 event, we asked ourselves if we could deliver the tried and trusted conference format online – and with the same impact. Future Crunch over-delivered, communicating big ideas in succinct and practical nuggets which inspired our audience. The dynamic duo of Tane and Lilian were spirited and energetic, firing on all cylinders in a well-planned virtual workshop with the right amount of detail and a clear subject matter.

– Paul Smith | Country Director | Merck, New Zealand

It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to host Future Crunch at our virtual Torrens University Speaker Series. Thank you for delivering such an insightful and stimulating presentation. We had fantastic feedback from our staff and students who watched the session. The presentation spoke to many of the values we hold dear – being bold, creative, global, good, and beginning and ending with people. We also love the notion of ‘human skills’ – they are skills which we prioritise throughout our curriculum for all of our students. We hope this is the first of many collaborations.

– Bryce Ives | Vice President Public Affairs & Communication | Torrens University

Future Crunch were outstanding. They provided a thought-provoking and thoroughly engaging account of the real world we live in – a world full of hope and positivity. Not an easy job, to keep a room of senior corporate executives on their toes, but they did. It was provocative and showed us a brilliant display of optimism at its finest.

– Michael Byrne | Managing Director, Toll Group

“Future Crunch were a great and sensational eye opener for me and my team at Hyundai. Without them, it would have been difficult to think clearly about the massive changes happening all around us. The future has come right in front of our noses while we do not realise it. ”

– CEO, Hyundai Australia

“We were thrilled to have Future Crunch join us, and couldn’t think of a better way to immerse our people than by having them share their insights and expert knowledge. Compelling storytellers, they have an incredible way of taking audiences on a journey. The feedback from our teams has been overwhelmingly positive and we can’t wait to have them back again.

– Senior Manager Strategic Engagement, ANZ Digital Banking