Eric Bailey

Eric Bailey

Australia's Most Versatile Motivational Speaker
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About Eric

“As Australia’s Most Versatile Motivational Speaker and leading authority on motivation, vision and success for audiences from 10 to as large as 20,000— Eric draws on his successful careers ...”

As Australia’s Most Versatile Motivational Speaker and leading authority on motivation, vision and success for audiences from 10 to as large as 20,000— Eric draws on his successful careers in professional sports, executive management and sales as well as life experiences such as his difficult start growing up in South Central Los Angeles. For over 30 years in Australia, he has been delivering powerful and inspiring keynotes that will lead you, students, teachers, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, small business owners or your group in the right direction. Eric has a range of workshops, presentations live or online.

When Eric Bailey’s towering 198cm frame steps onto the stage, he gives his audiences more than just a presentation; he connects with them on an intense emotional level. Clearly, he is a powerful force both physically and motivationally. Eric customizes all his presentations for the group, to whom he is speaking. Also generates that same energy on the virtual platforms.

He immerses himself in his audience’s culture. A motivational speaker with a difference. Using positive energy and wit, he fills the room with an excitement that can be felt immediately and never fades during a presentation. His inspirational stories, along with actionable takeaways, make a real difference. Eric can touch everyone in the room with his openness, authenticity, and passion.

If you require a Keynote speaker or an emotion filled Inspirational speaker you don’t need to look any further.

What people say about Eric

Eric – our conference attendees enjoyed not only your message, but also the humorous and real-life way in which it was delivered. The ratings you received on our Speaker Evaluation Survey were all “Excellent!” We look forward to working with you again in the future.

– ANZ Bank

He worked with us and gave so much of himself that each staff member and executive leader walked away feeling positive and touched that this man could share such personal reflection in such a motivational way. Even our most negative staff member turned the corner. That says something about the skills, tools, and ability of this man to effect change from the bottom up!

– Suncorp Financial Services

I saw Eric speak at a recent Financial Planner Association Conference. I was very impressed by his enthusiastic and inspirational presentation. His talk has inspired all… I highly recommend him for any future speaker engagements.

– GJ Financial Services

Eric has brought our workers closer together, reduced absenteeism and improved communication. Eric displayed substance with style and passion. Rated 10 out of 10!

– Filtronics Pty. Ltd, Asia Pacific Exports International

Eric's books

Accelerate To Activate

Accelerate To Activate

Have you ever found yourself wanting more out of life? Or found yourself wondering whether you’ll be stuck in your job or your circumstance forever?

This book has been written specifically for you. It is an action guide that will take you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Because if you follow the steps outlined in this book and follow the Daily tasks in the Activate Now workbook section, you can confidently expect your life to turn around.

Going for Gold: Living Your Personal Best

Going for Gold: Living Your Personal Best

Learn how to become the best version of yourself, feel better ever, and improve the lives of everyone around you with GOING FOR GOLD!

This is a book that wants to teach you how to be a winner!

When you think about being a winner, what comes to mind?
– Wealth
– Romance and intimate relationships
– A life where you are the best version of yourself
– Total peace of mind and happiness

“The only thing that matters is what you have in your heart and what you’re prepared to do to ignite a burning desire to succeed in life.” —Eric Bailey

*Be the best version of yourself

Inside this book you will learn how to achieve being the best version of yourself. You will learn how to be better, mentally and physically, than you ever thought possible.

With easy to understand concepts, and actionable steps, this book promises that you can take the steps necessary to living your personal best!

Setting a new personal best means that you have to perform better than you ever have, and potentially ever will.

*Stop procrastinating on your dream!

When you can attach your passion, energy, and emotion to your goals and dreams, you then give yourself the tools to eliminate distractions that will no doubt appear along the race. You will learn how to:
– Setting the right goals and keep your eyes on the prize
– Keep your mind in the game
– Create a healthy body and a healthy mind
– How to deal with stress

It is possible to live a life where you are constantly getting better at every aspect. You can live a life full of fulfilment, happiness and abundance.

Bring Your A Game

Bring Your A Game

It has taken Eric Bailey years to recognise and develop his immense talent to inspire, motivate, and empower audiences around the world. Through humour, real life experience, and pure passion, Eric demonstrates that rare ability to connect with people from all walks of life. His journey from abandonment by his biological parents to the resurgence of confidence through the tough and mentally exhausting adoption process is heart-warming and nothing short of a miracle. Every person is born with a purpose and a gift. Eric will leave you with the motivation to harness those natural-born instincts to succeed at a much higher level. This long-awaited book, Bring Your A-Game, is your guide to facing challenges and struggles in professional sports, professional speaking, corporate Australia, health and wellness, family, and friendships. ERIC BAILEY IS HERE TO SHOW YOU HOW TO: • Stop wasting your time, talent, and opportunities. • Take control of your career, your body, and your life. • Overcome your fears and succeed in your goals. • Improve your motivation and work ethic to become a driver and not a passenger. Drawing on twenty-two years of professional speaking and success coaching, experience as a radio host, and twelve years in sales and marketing, Eric has the practical and effective advice and strategies that will help you develop your A-Game in all facets of life.