Emma Murray

Emma Murray

High Performance Mindset Coach  |  Keynote Speaker
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About Emma

“Emma Murray is considered one of Australia’s leading mindfulness practitioners and high performance mind coaches. As a former national-level athlete herself and having studied a Bachelor degree ...”

Emma Murray is considered one of Australia’s leading mindfulness practitioners and high performance mind coaches. As a former national-level athlete herself and having studied a Bachelor degree in Communications, majoring in Psych, Emma has always been passionate about the mind and performance. With a clear goal to become a coach who can facilitate real and lasting change in people, Emma, early in her career development, focussed on expanding her knowledge of evidence-based, human behavioural modalities by becoming an accredited Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, NLP Master Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

With years of real life client experience with both individuals and large groups, Emma has gained a reputation of being able to translate the traditional Buddhist practice of mindfulness into relatable, easily followed and understood, step by step behavioural tools. Considered to be the “secret weapon” behind Richmond Football Club’s recent, history making, 2017, 2019 & 2020 AFL Premierships, Emma’s High Performance Mindfulness methodology, strategies, exercises and daily practices can very quickly help people to deliver best performance execution through advanced present moment awareness, improved emotional regulation and enhanced focus sustainability.

Emma is passionate about all people understanding what is a performance moment in their life and what is required for them to best show up in that moment. The world, today, is fast paced with high pressure and expectation. Emma is adamant that when every person, from students to stay at home parents, to top CEOs and elite athletes to amateur performers and sports people, learn to recognise what is required for them to do their best in each and every moment… that is when they start to feel re-energised, connected to their passions, confident and valuable. It is only then that “struggle” is replaced with calmness, optimism, acceptance and worthiness.

Emma’s work has played pivotal roles in Richmond Football Club’s transformation, Dustin Martin’s 3 Norm Smith Medals and Brownlow medal, Scott McLaughlin’s 2018, 2019 & 2020 V8 Supercar Championship wins and his 2019 Bathurst 1000 win, as well as winning performances on the world and Olympic stage by individual clients in Formula1 development, cycling, gymnastics, cricket, track and field, rowing, basketball, rugby and golf…

But Emma is just as proud and fulfilled by the work she has carried out to help many men and women of all job descriptions and levels be seen and heard in their workplaces… the at home parents she’s helped to find balance in their lives and re-claim their self-worth… the students and young athletes who’s she’s helped bolster their discipline and self-belief… and the everyday person who she has taught to shift their focus off the fear and doubt and onto their best strengths and attributes.

Emma firmly believes that personal growth and an expanded mindset is possible for everyone… and she is determined to keep delivering her work in a way that is relevant for today’s world and cuts through the daily challenges so as to help as many people as possible develop the mental strength and capacity to take their lives to the next level.

What people say about Emma

Emma Murray spoke at the 2016 Star Ball Melbourne in August. The Star Ball Melbourne has been running for thirteen years and Emma’s address to the audience was by far one of the most inspiring and impactful that we have witnessed to this date. Emma spoke with complete passion and integrity from go to wow. Her raw encounters of the Murray journey helped in providing the audience with a very small snapshot into their unimaginable story. Emma did not waiver in her execution – her ‘matter of fact’ approach as she spoke was incredibly influential and her ability to draw upon her professional skills in Mindfulness and Health were certainly encouraging. Thank you for your amazing contribution to Star Ball Melbourne Emma – we would highly recommend you for any event in the future

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