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Danielle Dobson

Breaking the Gender Code
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About Danielle

“Danielle Dobson is a powerful speaker who connects with her audience in a relatable, engaging way. She uses her warmth, passion and knowledge to spark curiosity and guide audiences to break the ...”

Danielle Dobson is a powerful speaker who connects with her audience in a relatable, engaging way. She uses her warmth, passion and knowledge to spark curiosity and guide audiences to break the Gender Code, based on societal perceptions of gender roles in relationships, workplaces and communities.

Danielle progressed from the corporate world of being a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA), to being a personal trainer and Executive coach. Her deep desire to understand why women have difficulty in bringing their full selves to work within the everchanging modern life, guided her research into this issue.
Over 50 interviews, hundreds of conversations, thousands of hours of research and analysis, and one book later she is the undisputed expert of how to navigate the Gender Code to make life, work and being human more rewarding.

Author of Breaking the Gender Code, Danielle has been featured in publications across Australia. Her work with companies around the globe, her ability to single-handedly parent three energetic sons, and her ability to see beneath human facades makes her an incredible coach, intuitive researcher and talented trainer.

Her passion and dedication to share this message and inspire audiences to crack the Gender Code and re-write their own, that make her an extraordinary speaker.

Danielle delivers bespoke presentations and programs based on each client’s unique requirements, under the umbrella of Break the Gender Code. Typically, each topic covers:
• How the Gender Code is driving unconscious bias and impacting relationships, careers and businesses.
• Why it’s important to break the Gender Code personally and professionally.
• Key steps and tools for women and men to write a unique code for life, to navigate the rapidly evolving world of work, leadership and relationships
• Key steps and tools for leaders to build inclusive environments where everyone performs at their best and their bottom-line benefits

Keynotes can be delivered in person, online and hybrid. It can also be expanded to:
• Package of 3 keynotes which link and build on key Gender Code themes – offered at a discounted rate
• Half day workshops
• Full day workshop
• 3 – 12-month program

What people say about Danielle

It was a different way to look at leveraging what we already have, rather than thinking we need to spend time on a totally new skill set. It was very encouraging as it made me realise it is more achievable than I originally thought.

– Ellie Smith, Convenor, CPA Women in Business

Danielle is leading the charge for women in leadership through empowering
conversations…Her ability to naturally interact with the audience and draw on real stories opens up the discussions that need to keep happening…[with] the stories she shared she was engaging, informative and a perfect choice for audiences with any background and experience.

The feedback from this session was outstanding with the women in the group inspired and encouraged to take the learning and break the gender code.

I highly recommend Danielle as a speaker, a facilitator, for online and in person events.

– Mia Maze, Marketing & Communications Boss, She’s The Boss

Thank you for you thought provoking keynote, during the Junior Chamber International Australia, National Convention. Your passion, knowledge and delivery were exceptional for our members. It is always fabulous to listen to a meaningful keynote, but truly memorable to witness the audience relate and engage. Thank you once again Danielle, keep doing great work!

– Sarah Lisle Manager, Research Entities, University of Wollongong

The insights from Danielle’s research and her counsel have been invaluable in helping us not only define the event itself, but in thinking about what helps or hinders our approach, always with outcomes and impact at the forefront of her guidance. It was a pleasure to have Danielle host our Women in Leadership event.

– Carly Little, General Manager of People, Safety & Sustainability at Workwear Group