Catherine DeVrye

Catherine DeVrye

Best-selling Author  |  Winner of the Australian Executive Woman of the Year Award
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About Catherine

“Twice voted Australian Keynote Speaker of the Year, Catherine’s presentations stand the test of timeless-yet timely-wisdom. No two are ever the same and from her breadth and depth of experience, ...”

Twice voted Australian Keynote Speaker of the Year, Catherine’s presentations stand the test of timeless-yet timely-wisdom. No two are ever the same and from her breadth and depth of experience, she’ll truly customise from some of the sample only points below to add value to your conference theme.

She is the author of the #1 best seller, ’Good Service is Good Business’ and other best selling titles such as ‘Hot Lemon & Honey-Reflections for Success in Times of Change’, ‘Hope Happens!…Words of Encouragement for Tough Times’. Her autobiography, ’Hope as My Compass-Who Says I Can’t’ (Random House) was nominated for the Australian National Biography Award and the late Bryce Courtenay, said: ‘story of hope and perseverance-when’s the

Named one of the top 100 Women of Influence in Australia in 2016 by the Financial Review, the past winner of the Australian Executive Woman of the Year Award is an outstanding communicator with proven international management experience in the private and public sectors.

Catherine’s books have been translated into over a dozen languages and her delightfully humorous approach to presenting serious content has earned her repeat business on 5 continents amongst such clients as American Express, Australian Tourism, BBC Broadcasting, Coca-Cola, Ernst & Young, IBM, 3M, Qantas, Red Cross, Rolls-Royce, Australian Air force, World Triathlon Championships and many government organisations…

Prior to establishing her own business, she was an executive with IBM in sales, marketing and human resources-posted as HR Manager for Asia Pacific Headquarters in Tokyo; and later responsible for their customer education, management & leadership development programs in Australia & SE Asia-so has been in your shoes as an event organiser.

Combining Gen Y energy with Baby boomer experience, Catherine has the ‘street cred’ to deliver the results you’re after and every presentation is customised to YOUR needs!

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What people say about Catherine

Powerful & dynamic presenter who leaves a lasting impression; even our most negative team members were impressed…Thank you for a tremendous contribution to our business & the participative culture we have developed. Part of our success is due to your involvement & I am most grateful.


You sowed the seed of change…The service quality program developed from these beginnings will result in a 40-50% improvement in productivity.


A big thank you for adding value with both content and entertaining delivery that kept everyone fully engaged. Our partners are fully motivated with new skills & crucial reminders to ensure we retain our pinnacle position


Catherine's books

Who Says I Can’t?

Who Says I Can’t?

A story of hope and perseverance from the Australian Woman Executive of the Year.

“I came into the world, an illegitimate baby in an era of shame, conceived before the advent of the pill or abortion. Maybe it wasn’t exactly what one would call a great start in the game of life, but I’m grateful that it made me a player. Since then, life has offered more success and joy than I ever dreamed about. It’s there for all of us and I guess that’s why I’m now happy to tell my story. But there was a time I wouldn’t have told anyone at all.”

Catherine DeVrye was abandoned as a baby and adopted by loving parents, who told the authorities they didn’t need a child, they wanted to love a child. When she was 21 her parents died within a year of each other so Catherine packed her bags and moved to Australia. This led to a life-long journey to find her place in the world as she moved from teaching to setting up the Life. Be In It campaign to travelling as a high-flying executive with IBM. Named Australian Executive Woman of the Year in 1993, Catherine found herself dining with princes, prime ministers and Olympic athletes. But still something was missing. So, eventually Catherine decided to search for her biological parents. And that’s when her adventures really began.