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About AfterBurner

“Afterburner Australia provides high performance coaching and programs, from dynamic keynotes to experiential workshops focused on team building, leadership development, business planning and ...”

Afterburner Australia & New Zealand is a team of fighter pilots who are passionate about helping business learn and apply the same techniques to achieve mission success that worked for them in their air force careers.

Fighter Pilots operate in some of the most rapidly changing, complex and hostile environments on Earth, yet they consistently excel in achieving planned outcomes. Why is it so?

They are certainly intellectually, physiologically and psychologically the ‘right stuff’ and of course they learn and practice a wide range of flying, navigation, fighting etc. skills to a level of proficiency only a few attain.

Fighter pilots are also particularly adept at maintaining clear focus on objectives in the midst of complexity. This is a learned skill too, that relies on simple and repeatable processes to get things done, but unlike their other skills it requires no special talent. They are a critical part of the ‘fighter pilot way’ that anyone can learn and it’s the ‘secret sauce’ of Afterburner’s FLEX process.

Afterburner brings the fighter pilot way to business. They are the custodians of a simple process developed by fighter pilots over 60 years ago. This process significantly improved the performance of military aviation, and is so effective it is still in use today. To enable organisations outside the military to develop and foster a similar high performance culture, Afterburner tailored this process for use in business and called it Flawless Execution (or “FLEX” for short) – a cycle of PLAN, BRIEF, EXECUTE and DEBRIEF.

FLEX is a simple, scalable, continuous improvement process that can help you align everyone in your organisation with your vision, drive individual accountability and address the complex environment that is business today. It can be used to identify execution gaps in your strategy before you make the substantial investment to execute it. Once you have a firm strategy, FLEX is used to develop the detail to get it done.

Afterburner Australia provides high performance coaching and programs, from dynamic keynotes to experiential workshops focused on team building, leadership development, business planning and debriefing. They are high energy, contain a strong takeaway message and are customised to your business or event objectives. By the end of an Afterburner program, your team will feel motivated to excel in their environment.

Do you want to:

•Strengthen execution of individuals, leaders and teams
•Develop leaders
•Strengthen your team’s culture
•Establish common language and discipline across departments
•Align actions to your strategic plan
•Overcome silos within your organisation

If so, have Afterburner fighter pilots coach you on:

  • Planning and Execution: Create a FLEX Plan for your next project or performance objectives.
  • Examining Performance: Conduct a FLEX Debrief at the conclusion of your next project or to evaluate your performance.
  • Assessing Execution: Debrief any gaps in the execution of your plan or the plan itself and adjust the plan where necessary in a forum we call “X-Gap Meetings”.
  • Developing FLEX Leaders:? High performance coaching of individuals, teams and organisations on how to incorporate FLEX into your processes. Empowering your people to coach others on FLEX.
  • Personal development:? You and an Afterburner ‘wingman’ one on one.
  • FLEX or Flawless Execution is a way of thinking and a framework for action for use in business. It’s based on the process used by elite fighter pilots for over 60 years, which enables them to operate and succeed in complex environments.

    FLEX consist of 4 simple steps:


    FLEX sharpens a team’s awareness, enables decisions and actions, and drives accountability.

    Individuals. Teams. Leaders and emerging Leaders. Anyone with a passion for continuous improvement or achieving their goals can apply the Flawless Execution model. FLEX has a universal application and can be used to instill the habit patterns required to succeed in any team or organisation.

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