The Challenge

Often we shy away from challenges and fear the possibility of failure because we think our qualities are fixed traits and therefore cannot change. The problem is, while failure can certainly hurt, it’s not nearly as damaging as a life that involves settling for less due to fear of taking chances.

Have you ever heard someone say “Either I am good at something or I am not” or “I can’t learn now it’s too late”. These are examples of people stuck in a fixed mindset. In today’s world having a fixed mindset just wont cut it!

On the other hand, developing a growth mindset can be a game changer!

The growth mindset can be an incredibly powerful business tool for businesses. It enables teams and individuals to foster talent, create innovation and earn real results. It not only builds a nurturing environment where staff are encouraged to innovate and learn through trial and error but allows a business to set and achieve big hairy audacious goals.

In the words of Carol Dweck “A persons true potential is unknown (and unknowable).”

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In this program you will:

Accept the Growth Mindset Challenge? In this program you will learn to:

  • Develop a mindset of a winner, even in a world of chaos
  • Embrace challenges and work through setbacks
  • Find lessons and inspiration in the success of others.
  • Become comfortable with the uncomfortable

*All programs are available in virtual or in person offerings

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Keith is at the forefront of emerging talent and always matches the right talent with the audience perfectly. An absolute pleasure to work with, a true professional and a man that expresses passion for his clients. The absolute best! I can’t thank him enough.

– Steadfast

Boost Juice

Inspire Speakers have been securing speakers for our conference for three years now. Each year they help take our conference to a new level. Their expertise, enthusiasm and level of professionalism cannot be matched.

– Boost Juice
Bupa Australia

I always recommend Keith. He is very easy to work with and he couldn’t have matched our brief any better with his recommendations. He really understood us and found us the perfect match. He is also very prompt in all of his responses. We now have even higher expectations for next year!

– Bupa Australia
International Conferences & Events Australia

Without a doubt, Keith at Inspire Speakers is the best I have worked with in the industry. A big thank you for helping us meet even the toughest client’s expectations and for always doing it with a smile! Your customer service knows no bounds.

– International Conferences & Events Australia