Tamika Smith

Tamika Smith

Executive Director - Top 100 Women and Director - TSR Property Solutions
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About Tamika

“Tamika started in Construction at just 19 years of age and soon rose to the top of Australia’s largest residential builder before starting TSR. In establishing TSR, within a 12 Month period ...”

Tamika Smith, Director at TSR Property Solutions and Founder & Chair of the #Top100Women, is quickly becoming a leader in the construction & development industry for women around the world.

Tamika has been diligently paving the path for many women, teens & girls to come within the sector since she began her career at the age of 19 working with Australia’s largest residential building company.

Leading with authenticity as a minority in one of the most male dominated sectors, the Top 100 Women soon become one of the fastest growing communities for women within the industry.

After becoming the first female in Australia’s largest building companies to be the #1 sales person, Tamika’s career grew further into residential projects & acquisitions. Ranging from project management, development solutions & soon specialising in Social & Affordable Housing.

Tamika’s diverse exposure to a variety of housing segments & markets gave her the experience & knowledge to challenge the norm for any development project she worked with.

TSR Property Solutions, is a full service solution in development, to completion of construction, driven by initiating strategic development solutions in the affordable housing segment.

Through the experience of establishing a successful career and founding & scaling a business without any support, Tamika saw the need to establish a community like the #Top100Women.

“It was the road less travelled, met by many obstacles & challenges which I endeavoured & persisted to meet. However if anything, it is a road I hope can now be travelled by the many girls who will one day walk in my footsteps. The girls watching today will be the women who lead tomorrow.”

Featured In:

• Urban Developer
• London Build
• Syd Build Expo
• Amsterdam Build
• League of Extraordinary Women
• Melbourne School of Architecture
• Career Girls
• Ladies in Helmets Kenya
• Man’s World UK

Shortlisted in:

• Australian Construction Awards 2018 & 2019
• 100 Women of Influence
• ‘Build’ Construction & Engineering Awards UK

Listed as:

• Young Business Woman 2017-2018