Lisa MacCallum

Lisa MacCallum

Former Vice-President at Nike  |  Founder of Inspired Companies
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About Lisa

“Lisa MacCallum is an internationally recognised business and thought leader specialising in how to build resilient, distinctive, purpose-driven companies. Author of the widely celebrated book ...”

Lisa MacCallum is an internationally recognised business and thought leader specialising in how to build resilient, distinctive, purpose-driven companies. Author of the widely celebrated book Inspired INC: Become a company the world will get behind, Lisa’s powerful message, leadership presence, approachable personality and business experience combines powerfully to leave any audience inspired and motivated to lead at the next level.

As a Vice President at Nike, she has worked internationally for almost two decades holding global leadership roles across Nike’s Apparel, Footwear and Sporting Goods businesses. She led Nike USA’s Growth Strategy, the Nike Foundation and Nike’s Global Community Impact efforts.

Lisa is now Founder and President of Inspired Companies. She and her team advise and support large companies on how to transform into best in class resilient and distinctive brands capable of navigating the accelerating pace and complexity of the 21st Century marketplace.

In the race for companies to build trust with stakeholders, resilience and brand distinction, her message and advisory work is in high demand. As a result, Lisa has worked with major brands in international markets, including Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Japan and as far-reaching as Singapore, India and New Zealand.

Lisa’s has delivered dynamic and memorable presentations companies ranging from sport to professional and legal services, telecommunications, corporate communications, banking, energy and infrastructure, chocolate, food, household consumer goods and skincare. Her ability to apply universal learnings and experience across industries and geographies is unparalleled.
For a very long time now, the corporate sector has been defined by the worst of business. In fearless defiance, Lisa reminds an audience what the best looks like and in her captivating way, impart the answers for how to deliver it for 21st Century marketplace advantage more consistently.

She coined the phrase “the new C.E.O.s” as a powerful way of expressing the profound change in market dynamics that has transpired thanks to the social and digital media revolution. Customers, Employees and traditional corporate Outsiders now have the power to make or break brands faster than ever. That’s not going to change, and it will only grow stronger. Her in-depth knowledge and experience with this game-changing market dynamic enable her to impart the necessary wisdom and decision-making lens to create companies that will lead us into the future.

Awards & Recognition

– Ambassador to the World Benchmarking Alliance for the Sustainable Development Goals
– Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum
– Non-executive Director of employee experience technology company, Limeade Ltd;
– British Telecom Board Committee Director for Sustainability
– ESG Board Advisor to KAO Corporation Japan
– Non-Executive Director of Bond University Ltd
– Meaningful Business Advisory Board
– Portland Oregon Business 40 under 40 Leader
– Harpers Bazaar’s 21st Century Heroine

What people say about Lisa

I don’t think you can find many talented speakers like Lisa who distinguish themselves by having such a powerful, contemporary message to deliver.


I have seen Lisa speak several times, and the impact on the attendees is always the same; they want more and leave with a very real wow factor that stays with you.

– Directors Australia

Lisa spoke to our top 100 leaders – and blew our minds. She delivers insight and connects dots in ways that leave you clear, inspired and ready to tackle anything.

– Finsbury