Inspire Showcase May 2020

A live-streamed event from AV1’s ControlRoom featuring some of Australia’s leading speakers and thought leaders. This showcase was held on 1st May 2020 featuring Shelly Horton as MC, Kristen Hadeed, Craig Foster, Julie Masters and Aaron Williams.

Inspire Speakers Showcase Highlights June 2019

Inspire hosted our first Speaker Showcase on the morning of June 4th 2020 at the Hard Rock Cafe Sydney. These are the highlights of an awesome morning and four GREAT speakers: Samantha Gash, Paul Taylor, Mykel Dixon, Rhiannon Tuntevski Click on the speaker’s name to learn more about them!

The Purpose of Purpose

Less than a year ago a group of 181 chief executives from the largest companies in the world released a statement basically tearing up the rule book when it comes to capitalism. They argued that it’s time for companies to care about more than just shareholder returns, and that they had a larger responsibility to…